Review Policy


I love to read and see movies, and I'm happy to entertain review pitches from publishers, publicists, and authors. My tastes tend to be rather eclectic, but my current reading priority is literary fiction.

I am most interested in books 
reading novels by authors whose work I've enjoyed in the past. I organize my Book Review database by author.

I'm focusing on reading quality literature, including the books nominated for these prizes: Orange Prize, National Book Award (Fiction & 5 Under 35), Pulitzer Prize (Literature), Booker Prize, National Book Critics Circle Award (Fiction), PEN/Faulkner Award, Dayton Peace Prize, and the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize.

Given the option, I prefer to read books on my Kindle. I utilize both Edelweiss and NetGalley for digital review copies.

I do not generally read self-published works.

If you're unsure if your book would be something I'm interested in, please ask.

I am also happy to receive screener copies of films as well as dvds. I tend to prefer independent films. It is always a priority to see and review the films nominated for the following awards: Golden Globes, IFC Independent Spirit Awards, Academy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and the BAFTA Awards.

Timing and Posting of Reviews:
In general, I try to minimize setting specific review dates before receiving the book. Reading and blogging are hobbies, and I enjoy having freedom with what I read. If you have specific expectations about when you want reviews posted, please include that information in your pitch.

I post no more than one review a day, so each review will be the top story on my blog for one day.

I also post links to reviews on Twitter (and attempt to alert the publisher and author if I have their Twitter name).

Accepting a book or film for review is not a guarantee I will review it. I do, however, review each book and film I finish. I usually post a partial review explaining why I do not finish books I start. 

Due to the large number of review pitches I receive each day, I do not respond to those I am not interested in. I choose to spend time reading rather than responding to review requests that do not fit my reading tastes.

Please email me at nomadreaderblog (at) g mail (dot) com with your review requests!